Upper VI – Geography Exam. Spring Term 1972

1 (a) Write briefly on five of the following:–
15 marks Levées. Roches moutonées. Fold Mountains. Sedimentary rocks. The Great Rift Valley. The Trade Winds.
  (b) What causes the following:–
15 marks
(i) Salinity in the seas. Explain why the Dead Sea contains much salt and the Sea of Galilee is free from it.
(ii) Summer and Winter in U.K.
(iii) The apparent advancement and recession of glaciers within their valleys, over the course of cycles of years.
30 marks
If you had the opportunity to study the geography of a single country for one month, which country would you choose, and why? What time of year would you visit the country?
40 marks
One of the major problems of our age is "POLLUTION".
Write an essay on this subject, explaining what it means, what are the causes of it, what are the effects of it (present and future) and what is being or should be done to halt the process in all its aspects.

Probably set by Major ACC Dobson; contributed by John Morris, November 2007