Form VI – History – Spring Term 1972

1½ Hours. Candidates must answer three questions.

  1. What traces are left of the Roman occupation of Britain?
  2. What was life like for a mediæval serf?
  3. Describe, in outline, the rise and fall of the English Empire in France.
  4. What part did religion play in English sixteenth century history?
  5. Why did the Armada fail?
  6. Give your reasons for thinking that the execution of Charles I was EITHER: (a) a crime OR (b) a blunder OR (c) a necessity.
  7. How did the inventions of the eighteenth century affect English life?
  8. "The British Empire," it has been said, "was acquired in a fit of absent-mindedness." Describe any episode, which in your view, does NOT support this statement.
  9. How did Great Britain become a democracy? Is she still?
  10. What things of historical interest would you look for in an old church?

Probably set by Ian Scott-Clark; contributed by John Morris, November 2007